Wall Street Journal  and Reuters said that Apple and Google finally have reached an agreement. That means the years of fighting with each other over patents. Is now over. It has yet to be final and there is no paperwork to back up this claim just yet. If you follow technology, heck even if you do not follow technology news its hard to not have heard about the epic fight. The patent infringement lawsuits between the two companies has been going on for years. I won’t believe its over until the two CEOs are shaking hands at a press conference.

The agreement would get rid of over 20 lawsuits worldwide between the two companies. If you were wondering would Samsung be covered under this preposed agreement or is there too much bad blood with Apple. The answer is no, it also does not cover any ongoing litigation with Samsung.

Apple and Google released a joint statement that said there was no cross-licensing agreement but the two companies will work together in patent reform. Let us see if this really works.

By Rubens Saintel

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