Twitch is to video games what MTV was to music. It opens it up the masses and helps being it to a new demographic. Google wants a part of that action. They are working on a deal to buy the company in a deal worth $1 billion. The live streaming service Twitch (or is on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Twitch is growing so fast that it can not keep up. It is a great problem to have but if a problem none the less. Google can help them with that problem. YouTube is the internet for a lot of people. They handle a crazy amount of data. They handle the data very well. When is the last time you remember YouTube going down? That is one of the main reasons that Twitch is going with Google and not one of the other companies that have tried to court it. Twitch web traffic is on it’s way to passing Hulu, Facebook, Valve and event Amazon. Google and Twitch have not made this deal official yet so for now its a rumor.

To be quite honest, we can’t keep up with the growth. That’s a good problem to have. ~Twitch marketing vice president Matt DiPietro


By Rubens Saintel

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