You have seen the highlights of iOS 8 on every media outlet by this time. If you have not, you must literally be living under a rock. Yes, iOS 8 brings a bunch of new features and a great intuitive UI. UI means User Interface for the non techs out there. By User Interface for the real non tech folks out there I mean how the phone screen looks. What iOS 8 does is start paving the way for some really cool and hopefully innovative Apple products later this year.

I know you long to try this new cool operation system that everyone is talking about. I got news for you. No you don’t. It is only the first Beta. Which pretty much means this is a rough draft only meant for developers. It is highly unstable. I kid you not, this thing crashes every few moments and 90% of the apps in the AppStore are not compatible with the iOS 8. I would hold off for the Gold Master version which should come out sometime in the fall. Wait, you downloaded it anyway, didn’t you? You can easily downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1 by following the steps below.


The 1st thing you should do is backup your iOS device. The process to downgrade is very simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the one on you want to downgrade to your computer.

Step 3: Now simply click the “restore” button. [Note restoring deletes everything and returns stock iOS to your device.]

Step 4: Once done, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be downgraded from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1.

Step 5: Now simply restore the backup and you are good to go.

If you followed the simple 5 steps correctly, you will have downgraded from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1. You’re welcome.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. | |