The Isohunt the Torrent and P2P search index website released a free movie streaming service called IsoPlex. It’s pretty much a clone of the short lived Popcorn Time streaming software. Popcorn Time was a free movie streaming website which was shutdown faster than time it takes to send an iMessage over LTE. I think the same thing will happen to IsoPlex but you should enjoy it now while you can.

IsoPlex is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a free zipfile to download and super easy to install. They offer movies in Full HD, HD, SD and low quality.  IsoPlex said that they offer more than a million movies. However, after testing the service it is clear they are relying heavily on a backlog of old movies to come up with that total. The issue may not be the amount of movies. It could just be that the search engine of the software needs work.

You do not have to download any of the movies. You simply search for a movie, pick the quality and then hit play. IsoPlex starts streaming almost right away. The software works very well and the buffering at times is not even noticeable. So what is the big deal with this program?

IsoPlex lets its users to stream movies for free. There is no downloading of the movie which means copyright content owners can’t be punish you for watching them. You can only be punished for storing illegal movies not streaming them. To sum it up think Netflix for Torrent movies and shows.


Hey everyone!

Hope you all guys have a nice warm summer. Cause today we got some hot news for you! We worked hard on this and finally are proud to announce Isoplex!

It’s an application for your PC or Mac where you can find and stream your favorite movies with no need to download them to your hard drive! It works completely standalone, without torrent clients or other additional software. You don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer!
We always think about what the future of torrents and online sharing can be and we think that Isoplex is a perfect solution!

The software is in a very early stage (an open beta) right now and we need your feedback! If there is something wrong with the program, or you have any ideas on how to make it better please contact us viacontact form.
Thank you in advance for that! Only together we can make future of sharing a lot better!
Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly, team

By Rubens Saintel

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