It’s not a tech party until Google jumps into it. Google will innovate and fragment this budding industry just like they did with the smartphone industry. The smartwatch has been all the talk for awhile. Pebble was the first to show that there is a market for the wrist technology. Samsung was the first major tech company to release but its device was expensive and clunky. It has since done a better job with its 2nd offering. Everyone is of course waiting to see what Apple will do with its own smartwatch called wait for it, wait for it…. the iWatch. Until that happens Google is laying the ground work for its Android based Android Wear to dominate the new market. The first product to test the waters with this software will be LG G Watch. The Android Wear watch goes on preorder today in 12 countries. The G Watch will be the first of what Google hopes to be a long line of Android Wear devices. The watch packs a big punch for such a small guy. The watch has a  1.65-inch (280 x 280) IPS display.  The LG G Watch has a Snapdragon 400 chip under the hood. That is the same chip found in the Galaxy S4 Mini.

LG  made a very big deal about the smart watch’s ability to use voice recognition. The LG G Watch does this thanks to some very tight Google Now integration. Fitness apps will get a boost on the watch thanks to the multitude of sensors installed. There is a nine-axis gyro, accelerometer and compass.There’s a 400mAh battery somewhere under the hood. That battery is a lot bigger than Samsung’s Android Wear device. However, that still only gives the watch a reported 1 day battery. You will be able to run through any Iron Man or Ninja Worrier course thanks to being the watch thanks to it being IP67 dust and water resistant. You have a few choices for the color of the wrist strap and any 22mm strap will work. LG  will also be launching its own collection of bands in the near soon. The color of the watch face itself will are Black or  White . Full specs, video and press release are below. 



OS Android Wear (Compatible with Android 4.3+)
STRAP 22mm (0.86inch) Changeable Watch Strap
DIMENSIONS 37.9×46.5×9.95 mm
PROCESSING Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor
with 1.2GHz CPU
MEMORY 512 MB / 4 GB
PORTS & CONNECTORS Micro USB on Charging Cradle
SENSORS 9 Axis (Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro)


By Rubens Saintel

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