Facebook’s new feature Save is just like it sounds. It’s like Instapaper but for Facebook.  Facebook has come a long way from where it came from. Your feed is swamped with so much that it’s sometimes overwhelming. So, Facebook is launching a new feature called “Save” to help you out. The feature allows you to mark things they’d like to see later.

If you see something in your timeline that you would like but don’t have the time to read, simply tap on the top-right corner of the story. This will add it to your “Save” list . Movies, TV, and other items can also be placed in your Save list. You can review the Save items under the “more” tab.

The new Save feature puts Facebook in competition with the great apps Instapaper and Pocket. These apps for years have provided a way for people to collect items from the Web that they’d like to read later. Facebook’s service only works when connected to the Internet. The new feature will be rolling out to iOS, Android, and Web users in the next few days.

By Rubens Saintel

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