This year Amazon has been making a lot of news with products and services. The Fire Phone so far got the most buzz. We heard a rumor about the possible launch Kindle Unlimited. It is now a go. Amazon has now confirmed Kindle Unlimited. This new service is an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service for any device you have that can run the Kindle program. The service is  $9.99 per month. Let’s just round it up to $10. Kindle Unlimited has over 600,000 books. The service also has audio books. This could severely hit the mainstream service Not everyone is going along with this new service. Some heavy hitters are not joining the all you can eat buffet. However, many major publishers are lending popular titles such as Harry PotterLord of the Rings and the Hunger Games, as well as a whole bunch of Kindle exclusives.

Amazon will let you try out the service via a 30 trail. They are also giving you a three month subscription to audiobooks. You can access the audiobooks via its Whispersync service. Subscribers will be able to switch between reading and listening whenever you want. This buffet of all you can eat books is a good start but the options are limited. Before it can be really a great unlimited service they need to support from all of the major publishers.




By Rubens Saintel

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