The National Weather Service is tracking the storm up the East Coast and is predicting heavy snow in portions of the Northeast.

The reports says a low pressure off the Carolina coast “will strengthen and quickly move northward up the Eastern Seaboard. The wintry mix of precipitation associated with this storm will continue to progress northward along the East Coast, impacting the northern Mid-Atlantic States by Tuesday morning and eventually bringing heavy snow into southern New England by early Wednesday morning.” Between eight to 18 inches of snow is expected along a I-95 corridor from New Jersey into New England.

Forecasters are expecting the storm to drop 8 to 14 inches of snow and the city government is already on alert for what looks like the first major storm of 2011. New England, which is expecting up to a foot of snow, is also under alert.

Airlines are already warning passengers about possible delays and are already offering passengers the ability to change flights between now and Thursday for no extra charge.

The heaviest snow in New York City is expected to start at 9 PM Tuesday evening.  It should continue until Wednesday morning.  The snow will begin at 6 PM on Tuesday and continue until Wednesday afternoon. 5 to 9 inches are expected to be on the ground by the Wednesday morning commute.

In the South, residents are currently dealing with dangerous ice conditions as the storm leaves their area, and at least three fatal car accidents are being reported in the region.  Delta Airlines canceled more than 1,450 flights as a result of the storm and roads near Atlanta remain closed.

New Yorkers are advised to travel only if necessary tonight and to stock up on supplies in preparation for what looks like a major blizzard.


By Rubens Saintel

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