Sony PSP

Many rumors have been going around about Sony’s next handheld gaming system. Namely the PSP or what some are already calling the PSP Go! While rumors are almost always just that, rumors. This time a movie can be based on a true story. This rumor would be one of those.

 The PSP will be called PSP Go! Since it already has such a slew of European PSP peripherals with the PSP Go! moniker. The Go! View application hopefully will follow stateside too since it is the best one by far. The most talked about rumor is the loss of UMD or as I like to think of it the gain of more flash memory. This is the rumor most gamers as well developers want and pray is true. There are 8GB and 16GB versions rumored to come out. Although I don’t think that is going to be enough space when you count that the PSP has always been more than just a gaming machine. It was only a matter of time before Sony came to its senses with UMD. It was a novel idea in the beginning but come on folks. The dream was held on a little too long. The cost of converting games to different systems is not cheap. Now developers can easily port games over to the system via the Play Station Network similar to Apples App Store. This could be a real turn around for Sony if it hopes to compete with Nintendo DSi and Apple iTouch/iPhone. There are those that say abandoning the UMD will anger earlier adopters of the Play Station Portable and could cause Sony to lose new customers. I think not. I as an early adapter think it will past due for a change. Without any clunky UMD bay as part of the design. Expect the design to be altered.

A cosmetic overhaul might be miss leading though. I don’t think Sony will go overboard with the design change. Enough people have begged for dual analog sticks since the initial release of the PSP, one hopes that Sony delivers. While at it, the PSP Go! must have a touch screen as well as a camera of its own to compete with the iPhone/iTouch and Nintendo’s new DSi. There are about 5 different designs on the radar that could make it to the final unveiling at E3. Yes, I said E3. It will be there because more than ever Sony needs a show stopper to help drive sales since the Play Station 3 just does not seem to be making much head way. The release date will be before 2010 as in before Christmas. I know that is a big statement but it’s a tough market out there. Sony cannot afford to have Nintendo with the only new portable gaming system out this holiday season.

By Rubens Saintel

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