What did you do last week? Apple’s App Store made $500 billion in the 1st week of 2015. That’s incredible to think about. So while you were working on a new years resolution. Apple in only eight days was making money hand over fist. The App Store is not even Apple’s main source of income. We all know that is the iPhone. However, with the iPhone needs the store and anything else that comes from Apple. The soon to be released Apple Watch will be no different. For every single dollar that is spent in the App Store, Apple gets its cut. That 30 cents per dollar or 30% adds up. It should be no surprise when Apple announces record sales like these. The App Store made $10 billion in 2013 and it made $15 billion last year. That is more than most companies make in a year but that was pocket change to Apple. The company makes about $183 billion in sales yearly. The App Store is great for developers even though Apple takes a bigger cut than other platforms such as Google Play or Amazon AppStore.

While the App Store is great for developers, large companies don’t fancy adding to Apple’s bottom line. That is why many companies have to stayed away from offering services or products on the App Store. Amazon, Netflix and Google still don’t offer users the  any option to buy services via the Apple App Store. However, sometimes when you can’t do it alone due to having a weak platform (I’m looking at you Windows Phone) you have to succumb to the 800 pound gorilla. Microsoft just recently started offering Office on the ecosystem.



By Rubens Saintel

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