#FAA’s Declares Super Bowl No Fly Zone for Drones. That’s right folks the Federal Aviation Administration is declaring that the Super Bowl will be a “no drone zone.” I do wonder however if that will just be for the public. I mean is the official beer of the NFL wants to air footage would anyone stop them? How about if ESPN wants some stock footage for a segment? What is crazy is that “no drone zone” is bigger than the city of Phoenix. The  whole zone is 60 miles wide.

Some aviation aircraft, media, banner towers, blimps and unmanned aircraft will have permission to fly in the zone. Drones of any shape or size won’t be allowed in the zone at all. To get an idea of what the size of the zone looks, take a gander below.


Something similar happened after a drunk government employee flew his Phantom 2 drone onto the White House lawn. DJI the makers of Phantom 2 setup a 30-mile no fly zone radius around Washington DC. The company did this via a mandatory update.  Although not as large as 60 miles it does have the same impact. If the same 60 mile zone was there it would reach Baltimore.