RadioShack has been going down for some time now. This week they get closer to rock bottom. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is in the process of delisting them. They have sent the company several warnings that delisitng was a possibility. The company market value has fallen below the requirements to stay on the market. That does not meant you can not buy the companies stock. We don’t know why you would but if you must you on the pink sheets. A twist in the story is something no one saw coming. One companies lost is another companies gain, Amazon is looking at buying some of the stores so it can setup shop in the real world.

If you think about it,  Amazon real world locations would help with two issues. First it would help with online shopping. At one point RadioShack was like Starbucks. There was literally one on every corner. How helpful would it be if you could go to the Amazon store to pick up your order instead of waiting for it to show up at your home or office? This would also be helpful for those people who feel the need play with the products before plotting down money.  While some might think that brick-and-mortar stores are so yesteryear, clearly they are not.

This move by Amazon could be a big success like the Kindle or a great failure like the Amazon Fire Phone. Only time will tell. There are a few snags that need to be worked out if this is to happen. Sprint also thinking about snapping up some of RadioShack’s stores. Dear Sprint, you already on your way to the 4th largest phone carriers since T-Mobile has been eating your lunch. Don’t align yourself with a company on the way to bankruptcy.