Microsoft wants Xbox One to be at the center of the living room. With so many media apps on the system it is hard to argue that they are close to reaching that goal. Streaming TV was the last piece of the puzzle. Xbox One has always let you watch TV via a HDMI passthrough. In some cases apps FiOS and Time Warner Cable gave you a cord cutting option for the system but you still needed cable to get most channels. With the launch of Sling TV on the Xbox One solves that problem. Sling TV was built from day to be a live streaming television. The services came at just the right time for Xbox One. It was in danger of being left out of the streaming party. PlayStation’s Vue TV service is already in a few markets and coming out nationally soon. Apple TV with HBO Now will take away from the living room mind share.


The Sling TV service will cost only $20 for the base package. The base package comes with key networks ESPN, CNN, TNT, AMC, IFC and many more. Sling TV promises that they will be expanding in the future. Sling TV is not a new services. It has been available on Roku and Fire TV for a while. What will set the Xbox One apart is the voice control available via Kinect.

What Sling TV is a DVR. You would think with the Xbox One hard drive that feature would be a no brainer. If you already have an Xbox One, you can get a free month of the Sling TV. Go if it a try. You have nothing to lose.

By Rubens Saintel

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