The HTC “UH OH” (ugh) plan that will launch in the next few weeks along side the HTC One M9 in a weeks. The free program will replace your phone if you crack a screen, drop the phone in water or even switch carriers within the first 12 months of purchase. If you don’t use the Uh Oh Protection in the first year you will receive a $100 discount on their next HTC One purchase. Look for this deal to build loyalty with customers. It might be a little to late for HTC to gain the foothold it once had on the smartphone market but this is a great step.


While other smartphone companies look at uh-oh moments as a way to profit off of you, we are focused on adding value to owning an HTC One. If you don’t need UH OH Protection, we are going to give you $100 off your next HTC One. If something does happen, we’re going to take care of you – quickly.~ Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas.