Hudl will change the way coaches review film. Any athlete will tell you that film study pays off. Hudl must have heard them. The video company does one thing and does it very well. That one thing is it lets athletes capture, edit and share video from a game or practice. Venture capitalist are also paying attention. They have raised $72.5 million in new round of funding.

Footage that is still handed over to coaches on a DVD. Hudl is is changing that whole way of distribution by upgrading the technology used to capture the action. Coaches will be able to get the content via smartphones and tablets. The cool thing is all the capture and review can be done from Hudl app.

Hudl works with almost every sport and works all over the world. Over 3.4 million people use the program. There are also 13 different Premier League soccer clubs that use the program as well. Hudl has a lot of competition because anyone can record and share content. Hudl’s editing and collaboration capabilities set it apart from the competition.