The once great cloud gaming service OnLive sell out to Sony. The cloud gaming company at one time was worth north of $1.8 billion. Warner Bros, carriers like AT&T and BT, Autodesk, and HTC. Those day are gone. In the words of Biggie “Things done changed.” The company was in deep debt and had layoffs. The sale of the company came out of nowhere. Terms of the deal with Sony are not being disclosed.

 “After today’s date, no further subscription renewals will be charged for any of these services. Users whose subscriptions renewed on or after March 28 will be refunded. Following the termination of the company’s services and related products, OnLive will engage in an orderly wind-down of the company and cease operations. Sony has a number of positions for which they would like to recruit OnLive employees, but no decisions have been made yet” ~OnLive

Sony is not buying OnLive for the service but rather for the 140 U.S. and international patents for cloud gaming services. This means that some day Sony may be able to let you play its games on your iPad. Onlive shutting down on April 30. The company is not renewing any subscriptions. OnLive itself has 80 employees. No word on what will happen with them.

“These strategic purchases open up great opportunities for our gamers, and gives Sony a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming. It is yet another proof point that demonstrates our commitment to changing the way gamers experience the world of PlayStation,” said Philip Rosenberg, VP, Global Business Development of SCE and SVP Business Development and Publisher Relations of SCEA

By Rubens Saintel

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