If you have not ordered an Apple Watch, It’s Too Late. I’m not kidding folks. The display in the store pictured above will be the only place you will be able to see the Apple Watch if you didn’t already order. Yesterday we told you about the high demand for the Apple Watch. This was an Apple pre-order so of course there were issues. If you follow @SaintelDaily on Twitter we had  a tip to get around the Apple Store site being down. When it comes to Apple Pre-Orders, every moment counts. Within just a few minutes, the Apple sold out all available launch stock. It did not matter what model you picked. That means you could only accept shipping dates of four to six weeks rather than April 24th for some models. Other models are as far out at July.

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Some people said that the Apple Watch is too expensive. However, the iPad was too expensive too. In fact all Apple Product with the exception of the AppleTV are too expensive. Apple Fanboys/girls are going going to buy the devices anyway. (Sorry, I mean enthusiasts) What happens is these Apple enthusiasts lead the way for everyone. They test out the apps. They write the reviews. They sign the gospel of the iBook of Jobs. By the 2nd edition they usually convert everyone over to the new product. No one knows how many Apple Watches Apple had ready for pre-order but I’m pretty sure Apple will announce Apple Watch milestones on its next earning report which is due out in two weeks.


The demand and interest in the Apple Watch like all Apple releases is very high. That means the demand will outstrip supply at launch. So, if you are not ready to pre-order you are not on your computer ready to order the watch at 11:58PM EST,  you might as well forget getting it on launch day. ~Rubens Saintel


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