1. Social Media

Social networks have not only become a way of communication with your loved ones but an important necessity of doing business in the world. From tweets to Facebook post to breaking stories, staying in touch and informed is a must. These apps will help you do that.

2. News

We know if you have an Apple Watch at this point you are an early adaptor and get your news from social media. However, sometimes getting the news from a news company that has more detail than 140 characters is helpful.

3. Sports

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Sports on your wrist? Aside from the weather, can there be anything better? Yes, it’s not just scores and quick updates. These apps also let you order tickets to sporting events and get play by play of the action, all while you are in line trying to get food from the stand.


4. Health & Fitness

Fitbit said no way are we going to Apple Watch, which makes sense since they sell a very popular wrist watch in its own right. However, everyone else is pretty much on board.

5. Productivity

When your morning workout is done and you have caught up the latest social media, its time to buck down and get to work. Say hello to customizable reminders. The Apple Watch excels at this like no other device before it. Keep in mind, most of these handy apps are not free.

6. Music & Entertainment

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Now you can Shazam from your wrist? Yes, please.

7. Food & Drink

Have you ever used OpenTable while waiting in line to get into the busy restaurant? No? I have, but with the app on my wrist, I can be less noticeable. Right now, there are not too many really useful food apps. However, its only a matter of time until there are a whole lot more.

8. Finance

Money makes the world go round. Actually, at this point, Apple makes the world go round. When you are worth over a trillion dollars, you can do what you want, like create a $10,000 watch. Oh, wait… You may not have that much money to manage but never the less here are the best Finance apps on the Apple Watch.

9. Weather

Apple Watch already comes with a pretty nice weather app but if you want an upgrade, here are the most helpful and entertaining. Be warned that CARROT is very, very snarky.

10. Travel

All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

If boarding passes can work – and work well – from the Apple Watch that might be the best thing to happen to my travel life since PreCheck.

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By Rubens Saintel

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