I hate micro transactions. So be warned this article will be biased. Now that’s out of the way. WTF is wrong with these game companies? I remember when games were full of free Easter eggs and cheats. If you wanted a new car in a race game you worked for it. If you wanted a new weapon, you would have to beat the level. This nickel and dime for “add-ons” is horrible practice that should not be accepted. If you can not pull off a few complex set of quick button presses you should put down the controller. Pick up a stick and play stick ball instead. Fatalities have been a mainstay of Mortal Kombat for years. Just like learning Ryu’s fireball or uppercut have been a joy to learn and perform in the Street Fight series. Could you imagine paying to use a fireball or Tiger punch?

Xbox Live and PSN stores both offer “easy fatalities” as downloadable content for the game. They cost for $0.99 for one “easy fatalities” or 30 for $4.99. The one use only crutch lets you do a fatality by just holding down a shoulder button and pushing a face button, rather than pressing a series of buttons combinations. If this kind of DLC catches on people will become as mindless in games as we are in life. Meaning, no need to remember anything since we can just Google it. No need for the acquisition of specific skills if you can just buy it. The Real Fatality is Mortal Kombat X charging players for “easy fatalities”.

By Rubens Saintel

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