The Apple Watch is going to take some work to get use to. It is not as easy to use as the Apple iPhone but it is worth it. Digital Touch lets you share doodles, taps and heartbeats with other Apple Watch owners. What we did not know is that there is a hidden trick that makes Digital Touch more fun to use.

There is a hidden Apple Watch color palette for Digital Touch. The palette of colors is not noticeable right away. To get to the extra colors you have to use Force Touch. Go to your contacts and select the friend that also has an Apple Watch. You will know they have an Apple Watch because you will see a finger under their name. you want to send Digital Touches to, and press the finger button that appears under his name.


Now just press the color circle in the top-right corner. To access the hidden color palette of colors, just Force Touch (long press) on any color. You will see a palette popup. You can now customize each of the original preset seven colors.

By Rubens Saintel

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