Gone are the days of NHL 5-minute sudden death overtime games with four players on each side. This year we have 3-on-3. What you have not heard?

The National Hockey League Board of Governors approved rules changes for the 2015-16 season. One of these rules is a big change in overtime. The new format is exciting and fast paced. Its more like NBA Jams meets the NHL. The Flyers and the Lightning became the first team to test out this new format. The fans in the stands and watching on TV were not disappointed. 3-on-3 for five minutes also expanded the use of video. For the first time ever the NHL will have for Coach’s Challenge like the NFL.

3-on-3 Overtime Rules

  1. The overtime period will be played with each team at 3-on-3 manpower (plus goaltender) for the full five-minute period.
  2. At no time will a team have fewer than three (3) skaters on the ice during the overtime period. For example, if a team enters the overtime period on a power play, manpower would be adjusted from 5 on 4 at the end of regulation to 4 on 3 at the start of overtime. If a minor penalty is assessed during overtime, the teams will play 4 on 3. If a second minor penalty is assessed to the same team during overtime, the teams will play 5 on 3.
  3. If the game remains tied at the end of the five (5) minute overtime period, the teams will proceed to a three-round shootout. After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a “sudden death” format.