Back to the Future day is finally here. October 21, 2015. It is here and it is wonderful even if we do not have hoverboards. If you are a big company how do you get in on this action? I am not sure if this culturally significant day is only significant to movie buffs and technotypes. Either way some companies have found a way to capitalize on it and have some fun with it. On the internet today there were tons of fun Easter eggs. Surprisingly the internet was missing from Back to the Future 2. These are some of the best Easter eggs around the web.


Google Project Flux

Google’s “leaked” plans for Project Flux hit the internet today in honor of Back to the Future. They said the documents are confidential. Google shared the info on Twitter. The goal was of the project “is to give everyone the ability to explore any place and any time, no matter where—or when—they are.”

Apple Siri

Siri Back to the Future

Just say  “Happy Back to the Future day.” Siri will have fun with you.


Doc Brown Facebook

There is an AI of Doctor Emmett Brown that can have a conversation on Facebook with you. Just head to his page on Facebook, send him a message and wait for a response. He was crated by AI software company Imperson. They worked with Universal.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Back to the Future

The first playlist collection on the Google Play Music homepage is called “Hoverboarding.” It features three playlists themed around the Back to the Future trilogy.

White House streams time travel talk

The White House gets into the Back to the Future Day fun by hosting a panel discussion on the feasibility of time travel.