When Apple introduced Live Photos at its iPhone 6s event everyone dismissed them as GIFS for the iPhone.

Well the Facebook owned Instagram didn’t dismiss the concept. Today, Instagram unveiled “Boomerang.” Its third standalone app to go along with Layout and Hyperlapse. The new Boomerang app lets you quickly and very easily create a 1-second video that loops together 5 burst photos. It’s basically Vine mixed with a little Live Photos. Unlike Apple’s Live Photos that adds motion by capturing the moment just before and just after you take a picture, Boomerang gives you more control. The loops that are put together from 5 burst photos are played and then reversed, hence the name “Boomerang”.

The GIFs sorry, Boomerangs that you make are saved to on camera roll. You can share your creation natively with Instagram or Facebook. However, if you click the more symbol on your iPhone you can share it with Twitter or anything else. The app doesn’t yet have it’s own dedicated playground for your news feed.

By Rubens Saintel

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