Streaming video means you’ll get slammed with overages from carriers. T-Mobile Binge On lets you stream unlimited video for FREE without a data cap.

 Starting November 15th, T-Mobile Simple Choice users can FREE to stream unlimited video from select services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, and many more without using any of their data. T-Mobile will kick off the new feature with 24 video streaming services. They will open it up to other video providers later that want to jump on this crazy plan. T-Mobile also says that it doesn’t charge the providers anything to join the program so smaller companies in the video streaming market won’t be getting priced out anytime soon. One app that is missing is YouTube. T-Mobile says that it is working with Google to bring YouTube into the system but it’s not there yet. All existing T-Mobile customers will get access to Binge On starting on November 20th.


Other perks of T-Mobile:

Sling TV

To make Binge On even awesomer, ALL T-Mobile customers get an exclusive 30% discount off a year of the Best of Live TV with Sling. Now $14/month


For customers with an unlimited LTE data plan on your smartphone, enjoy a movie on us every month for all of 2016 with VUDU. Talk about video overload, in a really good way.
No sharing data

Now video streams free from your favorite streaming services, without watching your data. Each member on the plan gets 6GB of data.

Here’s the full list of streaming services that will be supported at launch: