Filmed using a 16 camera capture rig & assembler for editing VR videos, users can now explore the hallways and famous rooms of the White House~Google

I have been to the White House a few times. I’ve read through some of the books in its library. I’ve enjoyed the White House Christmas Party. I even took a picture of the sign that said no pictures. If you want to tour the White House but don’t want to take a tour or don’t have the right connections. Google has you covered. A new YouTube 360 video will help you have an immersive tour. All you need is a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.

“We also created a Google Expedition of the holiday tour, so that teachers participating in the Expeditions Pioneer Program can take their students on a virtual field trip to the White House as well.” ~Google

If you have never heard of Expeditions, you’re not alone. The Expeditions program is an educational tool that lets students take virtual tours of famous places all around the world. However that makes the Expeditions work is that it is very cost effective. Cardboard which is Google’s VR headset made out of the namesake is the main interface for Expeditions. The super cheap headset connects to any smartphone to create an immersive virtual viewing experience. Hopefully since it is so affordable more schools adopt it.

By Rubens Saintel

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