Having watched recently watched the horrible Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice my threshold for action is at a premium. Remedy’s Quantum Break on the other hand already has me excited with anticipation. Short of dropping a demo or as the game industry calls them these days, an open beta; there was little that could move my needle of excitement. Well so I thought, this an ambitious project managed to make a trailer more action packed and better executed than previously mentioned movie.

The game’s time travel-focused plot might not be clear right away. You may have questions like Who’s Paul Serene? Why is Jack Joyce trying to stop him? Well, good luck trying to get answers before the game is released. Remedy is not going to hand out spoilers like that to anyone. However the new live action trailer helps you understand the sinister machinations of Serene. Who happens to be played by the talented Aidan Gillen. You may know him from a little show called Game of Thrones. Quantum Break packs the star power with Serene’s right-hand man Martin Hatch.  Martin  is played by none other than Lance Reddick. You will recognize him from The Wire and Fringe. With that kind of star power it should be no wonder the Monarch Corporation is running things. The game arrives April 5th on PC and Xbox One.