We finally got to see today what the Viv is all about. What? You have not heard of the Viv? Well my friend imagine if you will Siri without the wall garden of Apple. An virtual assistant free to roam the internet and make friends with other services for your benefit. It’s basically Amazon’s Alexa but mobile. Viv is from the creators of Siri. Yep, why else would this app be getting so much attention. $12 million has been raised so far by Dag Kittlaus and company.

The first public demo of Viv showed why Viv in fact “the intelligent interface for everything.”  There are no specifics on when we will be able to get our hands on or see Viv used on any products as of yet. Artificial intelligence bots seem to be all the rage with technology companies. Viv is stepping in at the just the right time to take advantage of the trend. If you take into account that Viv was first to really take the lead in the space specifically. They were the first with Siri which worked phenomenally before it got stripped down.