EA Gives Away Free Battlefield DLC. In a time when game publishers and developers nickel and dime gamers it’s refreshing to see the word free. As part of a campaign for the next Battlefield in the highly successful shooter, EA is giving away goodies for the older games. The freebies will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Owners of Battlefield 4 get Dragon’s Teeth DLC which was first released in 2014. The DLC has four extra multiplayer maps, the Chain Link game mode, and new gadgets to play with. If you own Battlefield Hardline you get the Robbery expansion. This is less exciting than Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC. The Battlefield Hardline Robbery expansion only gives a game mode that allows players to team up as criminals and pull off heists or stop the bad guys in their tracks before it can happen. Luckily, EA will also continue giving aways expansion packs for both games in the next few months as part of it’s ‘Road to Battlefield’ initiative. Checkout the special livestream on Friday, May 6th at 4pm ET for details on the Battlefield.

By Rubens Saintel

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