I am a Taurus so I can be stubborn but so much so that I would risk my safety or others. However not everyone got the memo. Some people are still rocking their Galaxy Note 7. Samsung can’t risk getting any more bad press because of you. They had remotely limited to the maximum power level devices in the US 60% of the maximum possible. That was not enough for some people to get rid of their phone. So they have taken the final card they had to play in the deck. Samsung is going to completely make it impossible for users to charge the smartphone.  So basically the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone turns into a very expensive “brick” once the charge runs out. There is no way around this as this update will affect the devices operating in the all networks of all cellular operators in the United States.

There are also a class action cases going on against Samsung by a few customers. By a few I mean 2400 consumers. However Samsung said it is not paying anything for damages associated with spontaneous combustion.


“We have given enough compensation and benefits to users of the Galaxy Note 7. Inconvenience, for which consumers require the payment, within quite portable,” ~Samsung.

By Rubens Saintel

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