The Un-carrier T-Mobile new feature called “Digits,” works like AT&T’s NumberSync and Google Voice. What the feature lets you do is link connect different phone numbers so you don’t miss any calls. You can have one number for personal use and number for work use all from a single device.

“DIGITS is a simple, no-fuss breakthrough technology that lets you call and text from your number across multiple devices, and call and text from multiple numbers on one device. DIGITS is your real phone number, but it can do so much more.”

The feature works with some Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S6. Later on the feature will head to the iOS via an app. The Digits app won’t just be mobile either. It will also be available on Macs with a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox plugin. If you are a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice customer there is a beta you can sign up for. The service will launch for the public in early 2017. We are not sure what the monthly fee looks like just yet but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.