The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a gimmick to some but others see the possibilities as endless. While the MacBook Pro has been available for a few weeks now and I have yet to really see a reason to get excited about it. Someone has decided to make it fun. Graham Parks has made a TouchBar app to play the piano on the Touch Bar display that is available to download. It puts a polyphonic keyboard in the center of. That’s right you can play the piano right on that little row of keys. All you have to do is tap on it to play the notes. The app maybe free but it is packed with extra settings and features to make the experience better. The Touch Bar Piano app lets you pick different instruments. You can pick between an electric, acoustic grand piano, a glockenspiel, synth violins or even a xylophones. You can also change the octave and adjust the touch targets of the black keys.

I’m not sure how Graham Parks is doing it but it he seems to be using the GarageBand sound library to power the music generation. Touch Bar Piano is not on the official App Store but it is free to download from the utsire website. As such the app is unsigned so you’ll have to get ackledulge and dismiss all the security warnings that will pop up. It is goes without saying that you also need to have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to play around with it. If you don’t have the new mac the app is basically useless to you. To use it go into System Preferences -> Keyboard and pick ‘Touch Bar shows App Controls’. Check out the video below.

By Rubens Saintel

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