Netflix was not the first to start streaming movies but it was the most creative. Similarly it was not the first to take on social media to market its shows but it sure does it the best. For its new original series The OA, they got very creative. Netflix tweeted out some very cryptic messages this morning such as “Have you seen death?” as well as “Have you seen darkness?” right before sharing a video of a woman jumping off a bridge. Some people loved the campaign but others were not pleased at all. One person wrote “Some of us have actually dealt with suicide in real life and don’t need to be reminded of this.”  The mysterious eight-part show that comes out on December 16th. Its tagline is “trust the unknown” something that Netflix is running with on all social media.

Netflix didn’t just run its epic one of a kind campaign on Twitter. It also set up an Instagram campaign for The OA as well with multi-image posters and videos. The site only forces you to that ask more questions until the first trailer was released. In the trailer we learned that The OA is about a young woman who was missing for seven years. The thing is she was blind when she disappeared, but when she’s found, she’s able to see.

You definitely get the supernatural vibe. What we know is that the OA is a “powerful, mind-bending tale about identity, human connection and the borders between life and death.” That is according to the trailer’s YouTube description. We are going to have to watch it first before we can make any real judgment call but it is looking good.

By Rubens Saintel

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