So seem that there was a meeting at Trump Tower on this morning. This is time it was not for Donald to tap a security or grab a general for a new position. The meeting was with Kanye West. Kanye showed up at Trump Tower and actually did a good job of completely catching the media off guard. What made it even more strange was that the normally talkative West didn’t answer reporters’ questions before or after the meeting. This was such big news that the tabloids, I mean news networks even broke into regular coverage to report Kanye had arrived at the Trump Tower. Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hick said Kanye was there for a meeting with Trump. Later on while posing for pictures president-elect said they’ve “been friends for a long time” and “We discussed life.”

Some think the meeting was more of a job interview for Kanye. Not for cabinet seat or anything of that sort. Trump has has had some troubling finding acts to perform at his inauguration. So it could be that since Kanye now has some free time after abruptly canceling his Saint Pablo tour that he needs a gig. #ICYMI Kanye West was admitted to a hospital under his own will for quote “exhaustion and sleep deprivation.”  The Grammy winner and husband of Kim Kardashian is very talented but one has to wonder would he really consider headlining a Trump function?