I know you were just waiting for this to happen. Just kidding but the wait is over for those that actually wanted this to happen. The exchange of pictures as a form of speed dating may have not been started by Tinder but it sure as heck took over the mind share of the process. In recent years Tinder has been synonymous with online dating. It has gain such popularity that it is pretty much mainstream. Its seedy past is not is honest preset. I personally know people who have used the service to form “meaningful relationships” and have even gotten married.

To that end Tinder is bringing the app to the Apple TV. At first you will be very limited on what you can do. In fact at the time of this post the only thing you can do is flip through pictures of potential matches. From there it works just like the phone app. If you like someone, simply swipe right on the touch panel remote, if not a fan of how they look make a swipe to the left. Now that bad news. You can not communicate from the Apple TV Tinder app. To chat with someone you still have to use your smartphone. I mean that makes sense it’s not like you have a keyboard handy in your livingroom do you? oh, you do? Well you should get out more.


By Rubens Saintel

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