You ripped off the gift wrap and discovered a brand new Windows 10 computer! Now what? Well you need apps to take advantage of that new machine. We got you covered. Here are the Best Apps you can get today on Windows 10.


2017 means it’s time to get organized. This to-do app is the best one out there. Wunderlist does reminders and due dates. One of the main reasons why I like it is because it seamlessly syncs across iOS, Android, Mac and even the web.


Windows 10 is a Snipping Tool that makes it easier to share a screenshots. Once you assign the app to use the default PrtScn button on a keyboard you are all set. Did I mention it is free.


I dropped Evernote once it started to charge to encrypt files and use it on more than one device. The nickle and dime was not worth it. Enter Microsoft’s OneNote. You can save text, pictures, and links to your library. Unlike the Evernote it all is synced to the cloud so your notes are instantly on  iOS, Android, and yes the Mac as well.


Not much to say about this. Its Chrome. You need it. The Windows 10 browser is much better than it use to be but it is still not as good as Chrome.


Use all your messaging services in one program. Not only does it save your computer resources it also a pretty good app. You can tab through services Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Telegram, and WeChat. There are other services you can use but these are the main ones people will use.


This is TweetDeck on Windows with a nice interface.


It’s free from the Windows Store and lets you stream your content to all your devices. There is even an app for Xbox One.


You need this because it plays all and any video file you can throw at it.


Valve’s  Steam is the default downloadable storefront to get games. Its the go to place for indie titles and AAA titles as well.


Its google for the internet. The Readit app gives you notifications, Live Tiles, and support for gold features all as part of a well-designed app.


Sketchable is a must app if you have a Surface Pen if you don’t have a Surface Dial handy.

By Rubens Saintel

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