Sorry Mac fans. You can not say that Apple’s MacOS is the safest out there anymore. A report from service CVE shows that the MacOS is not as safe as the myths would have you believe. The CVE  is a leading statistics software. Windows for many years was considered a fragile and vulnerable platform; however, the macOS took the lead. Each vulnerability for the MacOS is counted as a whole. While each Windows is counted separately.

“crown of” the most vulnerable in 2016, got Android. Over the past year it was discovered 523 security holes. This is much higher than the result from the following finalists with 319 Debian Linux vulnerabilities.~CVE Details

Vulnerabilities Count

  • Android (523)
  • Ubuntu Linux (278)
  • Adobe Flash Player (266)
  • openSUSE (228)
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • iPhone (161)
  • Adobe Reader (227)
  • Windows 7 (134)
  • Adobe Acrobat (224)
  • macOS (215)
  • Windows 10 (172)