Well that didn’t take too long. As expected hackers found a way make the already awesome NES Classic that much better. The simple mod changes the Classic’s built-in storage. Then you can add many more games than the 30 the system comes with. This is what Nintendo should have done in the first place. If you leave it up to the free market, hackers will find a way. The modding tool lets you install the entire North American retail library of over 700 titles to the NES Classic Edition. The NES Classic hacking is called Hakchi was developed by emulation vet Cluster from the GBATemp forums. The software makes the NES an emulation dream. You can play games within mod zipped files. That might not sound important but it is. That feature saves you space. You can use that extra space to add even more games into the system’s limited 300MB storage capacity.

Current version: 2.11


THe Steps needed:

You need to boot your NES Mini in FEL mode. Just hold reset and press power to enable it. No, save is not required. Requirements: Windows XP+, .NET Framework 3.5 Also working on Wine.

  • Download Hakchi2
  • Go to the Hakchi thread
  • It’s very easy to find games: Google NES ROMS
  • To add just select .nes files
  • You can change any game settings – publisher, release date, etc.
  • Automatic online search for boxart via Google
  • It can fix incorrect iNES headers using fceux database
  • Automatic verification of supported mappers
  • You can hide 30 default games in one click