We know you love the Nintendo Switch but it has its issues. The lack of many 3rd party great games is not an issue. It’s a known Nintendo byproduct of every system they have made after the Nintendo 64. That said for the short-term it seems that Nintendo has hit a home run with the Switch. Only time will tell if it will outsell the Wii but it already has more respect from gamers. Mainly due in large part to Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Amongst all the praise are however some real complaints about the Switch. The connection of the controller. Nintendo has always been ahead of the competition in this regard. They were the first with a 6 button controller, the first with rumble, the first with hybrid analog and digital buttons. Pretty much anything you take for granted on your controller; chances are Nintendo had it first. First however can lead to problems and bugs. That is one of the main reasons Apple never adds features to its devices until years later. There are some gamers who are experiencing problems with the Nintendo Switch  Joy-Con controllers losing their connection with the system. Here is a simple fix that won’t void your warranty.


Here’s how to fix the connectivity issues:

  1. On your Switch, go to System Settings
  2. Select “Controllers and Sensors”
  3. Select “Disconnect Controllers”
  4. Detach your Joy-Con controllers from the Switch
  5. Turn the Switch all the way off (power down completely not just enter Sleep Mode)
  6. Turn the Switch back on a reattach the Joy-Con controllers