So while writing stories and researching information. My computer started moving really slow. I thought it could not be my computer since it’s maxed out. I’m using a Lenovo Y510 running Windows 7 Ultimate. It features an Intel dual core T5750, 128GB SSD hard drive and 4GB of ram. Non Internet programs worked fine. I checked for virus and had none. The culprit was my internet it’s self due to all the network use. I have the basic Comcast plan that states Upload Speeds up to 3Mbps & Download speeds up to 15Mbps. But no one really gets the advertised speeds, until now.

I decided to add another USB network card that I had from the days of non built in wi-fi. I ran a test with Pandora, chrome, Firefox and IE 8 (64bit), utorrent (only used for good), Ameritrade Streamer and WarHammer Online downloading. My download speed went from 9.31Mbps to 11.21Mbps.

Not that big of a jump so I thought why not add another adapter. The jump was impressive to say the least. I now get download speeds of 17.59Mbps and upload speeds of 4.14Mbps consistently. Those are just the adapters I had lying around the house. This should work with any USB adapters as long as you have them all connected to the same network.

Products being used: Belkin wireless G USB adapter (f5d7050v4010), Netgear Rangemax Dual Band Wireless N USB adapter (wnda3100) and the built in Intel 4965AG Wireless G adapter.

By Rubens Saintel

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