The display above is a 3D LCD auto-stereoscopic. What that means is you don’t need any glasses. If that is not enough to make it worth your hard earned cash. The makers this display take it a step further by supporting motion parallax which means you can see around an image.

Newsight’s image processing software can take any 3D or 2D image and create five separate images out of it that let you see the same image from different angles. This technology for right now can only be processed on a PC with the current model. Newsight promises that future models will have built-in processing.

Could this be the same or similar technology that Nintendo plans to use on their upcoming 3D system? Let’s take it to something else. What if theaters or TV manufactures adapt this technology as a industry standard? If it takes off how long before it makes it’s way to iPhones, iPads and other smartphones. No glasses ever again.

[Via: Information Display SID 2010]

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