zagg invisible shield

zagg invisible shield iphone4

The iPhone 4 is not out yet. You can’t even pre-order it yet if you wanted to. That has not stopped Zagg from letting you buy their incredibly effective screen protector. The invisibleSHIELD is like wrapping your iDivice in a Teflon coating. I use invisibleSHIELD on my I pad and can say one has a very secure feeling knowing you have it on.

The invisibleSHIELD has a rubber-like texture which adds a little bit of resistance when you move your finger across the touchscreen. The difference is negligible and does not deter you from the experience of an iDevice.

I recommend you order yours now so when your iPhone 4 comes your protected. iPhone’s display should be pretty scratch-resistant on its own due to the new glass being used but safety is better than sorry.

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By Rubens Saintel

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