wwdc 2010

wwdc 2010

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference rumor mill’s in full force since it is just days away. What is fact and what is fiction? Here is the run down.

Apple’s next iPhone will be introduced, officially, June 7th to the world.
Based on the front-facing camera and iPhone 4 OS’s code it will have video chat. The same iPhone OS 4 Beta 2 SDK shows chat will most likely be Wi-Fi only.

Apple TV is going to get a upgraded with A4 processor, iPhoneOS 4.0, 1080p streaming, 16GB flash storage all for $100. But Steve Jobs just said at D8 that he has no idea what they are going to do with it so it will not be at the WWDC.

Verizon is not getting iPhone. My sources that work for Verizon confirm that they are not getting it this year. Also on June 2nd Verizon’s John Johnson insisted that his company wasn’t planning on supporting Apple devices in the near future. Sorry people.

Apple wants iTunes to be a streaming music service. That was the whole point of buying Lala last December. Apple shutdown Lala then registered the iTunes Live trademark. But record label negotiations have not worked out thus far so this is not going to happen at WWDC.

Safari will finally get extensions but in Apple fashion be called something else.
John Gruber’s track record of predicting new Apple products is close to Nostradamus like. He said it is likely that this will happen. The gap with Chrome and Firefox is something Apple will take on sooner than later. After all they saw what happened to Microsoft in the smartphone race.

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