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As of yesterday, the world’s population just passed 7.5 billion people.  Take a moment to wrap your head around that.  That is an incredible number.  Especially when you think about it in terms of people.  There is an interesting argument to be made about whether or not people should keep reproducing at the rate they are.  Now, I’m not necessarily for or against this theory, but I think it’s an interesting one.  Especially given the fact that 25 million people were born since the beginning of the year.  We are just pushing the 5 month mark here, people.  That’s insane.  I don’t want to get into the topic of population control, it is something to think about as you read these statistics.

The countries with the highest population are China and India.  Giving us 2.6 billion people in those two countries alone.  To put that into perspective, the United States only has 325 million people.  Little ol’ Canada, however, has a whopping 36 million people according to the most recent census.  That is actually a rounded number, but I think it’s a fair one nonetheless.  Whatever way you look at it, China and India are massive from a population perspective.  Which again, makes the population control argument interesting.  Again, I’m not taking sides, but I guarantee you that someone in North America isn’t going to think twice about having 3 or 4 kids because their population is so low relative to some other countries.

Another interesting statistic – there are approximately the same number of men as there are women.  Well, give or take a few million.  But again, when you put this into perspective those numbers are comparable.  With 3.717 billion women in the world, and 3.783 men.  I kind of like these numbers because the odds seem to be stacked in favour of women when it comes to finding love.  But only if you’re heterosexual.  Too many men out there.  How is a lady to choose?  If you are interested in the best place to find a man, from a statistical perspective, try American Samoa.  For every one woman, there are 1.36 men.  That’s an interesting statistic unto itself.  How do you get 0.36 of a man?  I’m joking.  No comments from the peanut gallery on that one.

man and woman

But the ratio of men to women is an interesting one.  The city that I went to university had statistically more women than men.  It was a guy’s dream, I guess.  It always made me wonder if those kinds of statistics (if even accurate) made people more competitive to find a partner.  Or if the whole thing is a numbers game and these kinds of things don’t make a difference. But I’ve moved away from the population conversation.  I am not typically one to worry about future things outside of my control.  Other than to maybe do my part where I can.  But this begs the question – can we sustain this type of growth?

It isn’t just people having babies that is driving up these numbers, although that is how we increase the population.  We are starting to see people living longer, and therefore these numbers are steadily increasing.  In my workplace, we are preparing for baby boomers to start retiring.  But in many cases, there aren’t enough young people to fill the jobs.  It’s an interesting correlation when we think about it in terms of population growth.  I’m not saying that there are too many jobs and not enough people, but the HR professionals say that its only a matter of time before we start to see this change.

I do worry about the population in India and China.  I had no idea they were that high.  Yes, I knew there were a lot of people, but if you compare it to North America alone and think about it from a development perspective, those numbers are massive. That’s not to say there isn’t development or industry in other countries, but we tend to think of the United States as a major player from that perspective.  I like statistics myself. I think they can tell a great story.  What this story is, is up for you to decide.

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