If you are a woman, you have more than likely been body shamed.  I would imagine that the person who is body shaming you, is yourself.  But you’ve also probably been body shamed by other people.  Sometimes men will say that you’re not thin enough.  Or you don’t have a big or round enough booty.  It hurts.  It can be devastating, especially if you have low self-esteem.  I can’t imagine what celebrities go through on a daily basis.  Constantly having their pictures taken, only to hear some critic, somewhere say that they aren’t good enough in some physical way.  Well, Wendy Williams is the most recent victim of body shaming.  And by a man, no less.

T.I went off on Wendy Williams for posting pictures on her Instagram account.  The pictures were of Wendy in a bikini.  Have you seen Wendy Williams lately? She’s 53 years old and has an amazing body.  Maybe some would say that her breasts are a little large for her frame, but who cares?  Honestly, I’m so tired of these kinds of things being spread throughout the media.  Who cares what she looks like?  Who cares what anyone looks like?  I would imagine that Wendy is fully aware of what she looks like.  And like any woman, she probably knows what her so-called flaws are.  Honestly, if I looked more like she did, I would be posting more pictures of myself scantily clad on Instagram.


But I don’t.  I’m also extremely modest of my figure.  I have recently lost quite a bit of weight, so my figure has changed considerably.  I am getting a lot of notice from people (both men and women), which is all extremely positive.  But that doesn’t mean that I like the attention.  Especially because I know I still have so much more work to do.  When I say “recently”, it has been a long year of working on myself physically.  There is no magic cure that makes this an overnight process.


I’ve digressed a bit, but my reason for going there was to say that TI body shaming Williams, makes me feel worse about myself.  Not in any personal way, but I just feel like the more we criticize women, the harder it is for us to feel comfortable with our bodies.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on yourself to be the healthiest version that you can possibly be.  But you should be healthy.  Not necessarily super thin.  Williams has had some plastic surgery, which she’s very open about.  And that’s her prerogative.  She can do whatever she wants with her own body.

I’m honestly disappointed in T.I.  He knows what the Hollywood culture is like. He knows what people go through in terms of their appearance.  So why make it worse?  Why do this at all?  I am all for women being happy and healthy. If you are a size 18, and you are happy and healthy, then that is all that matters.  You can also be a size 8 and be happy and healthy.  Do what works for you, and let’s try to stop these body shamers from making us feel bad about ourselves.

By Staff Writer

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