There seems to be an idea, among non-Apple Watch users, that the Apple Watch doesn’t do anything.  But I am here to tell you otherwise.  Well, it’s something that I’ve been telling you for awhile now, but today I am going to tell you about some useful and maybe even fun, apps.  The new Apple Watch is supposed to give you a break from your iPhone.  In that, you don’t need to carry both around with you now as you can use your Apple Watch as a phone/connected device if you have the LTE version.  If you’ve got a new Apple Watch check out these apps.


OmniFocus 2

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself on task and on time, you’re not alone.  But OmniFocus 2 might be the app that helps keep you on the sanity train.  The app allows you to specify projects, tasks, due dates, contexts for work and much more.  For many years, OmniFocus has been keeping businesses going.  Whether you’re self-employed or hard at work for someone else, this is the app that you need to manage all of your projects and daily, routine tasks.  This might be the most powerful and robust Apple Watch apps.  The app isn’t free though.  You can get a free two-week trial, but after that, it will cost you $39.99 to unlock standard and $59.99 to unlock the Pro version.

You can download OmniFocus 2 from the App Store

atWork Timesheet

As someone who works on a lot of different projects for several organizations, it can be difficult to keep track of how much time I’m spending on each task.  But, with atWork Timesheet, you can turn that tracking into a granular report that may help justify why you need a pay raise.  All you have to do is put your clients, projects and/or tasks into the iPhone app.  Then you can kick off a timer straight from your Apple Watch.  With atWork, you can track regular, bonus and overtime earnings with ease.  This makes it super simple to ensure that your paycheck reflects the correct amount of compensation for your hard work.  At the end of each pay period, you can export your time sheet to an Excel or Numbers file, or even a PDF.  That last task will cost you real money through an in-app purchase.  But it might be worth it considering how much time you’re spending tracking your time. atWork Timesheet is free but does have optional in-app purchases.

You can download atWork Timesheet from the App Store


If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, you might need some motivation to get moving.  Yes, there is a notification for the Apple Watch that tells you to get moving.  But there are times when that isn’t enough.  With Standland, you can turn it into a game.  That way, you’re working some recreation into your daily routine along with a healthier habit.  In Standland, you get rewarded with collectible creatures.  This app will motivate you to get up, move around and earn yourself adorable tiny owls, bunnies or other creatures.  This isn’t really a “work” app, but more of a reminder to keep yourself active when working.  Standland is free, with optional in-app purchases.

You can download Standland from the App Store


Productive is designed to help you build better habits for your work and play.  On your iPhone you use the app to create individual habits and specify how often you want to do them.  Productive will then build you daily schedules  – broken into morning, afternoon and evening.  Once you’ve got these setup, your Apple Watch will notify you of what you need to do.  I was using this for a while to help me be more active.  It did help, but I found it annoying after awhile when I was busy, so I ended up turning it off.   But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have been moving!  Productive is also free, with optional in-app purchases.

You can download Productive from the App Store

Fantastical 2

If you’re managing hectic schedules you will need a good calendar app.  You also want one that understands how you think and speak.  Which is where Fantastical 2 really shines.  It supports just about every calendar format out there.  Fantastical also lets you add your events using natural language.  Which means you can type “lunch with Lindsay next Friday at noon”.  Fantastical knows who that is and what you’re telling it and puts it right into your calendar.  What’s neat about this app is that you can add events right from your Apple Watch.  Fantastical 2 will cost you $4.99 though.

You can download Fantastical 2 from the App Store


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