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This is a bit of a surprise to some but not the Apple Sheep. No matter where you go there are lines. I am talking long lines. It’s a like a throwback Thursday all week. The iPhone X launch is driving up Apple stock to close to a trillion-dollar cap. The Apple retail stores all over the world are overrun with massive lines. Customers standing in ques up in the hopes that they will be one of the lucky few to get their phone before Christmas. Since you are reading this I am going to assume that you are not in line. Apple has for your convince added the helpful “check availability” option that lets buyers see if their iPhone X is currently available for purchase and pickup at a local Apple Store.

It’s pretty simple to figure to track as well. Go to Apple’s iPhone X, select your carrier of choice, the color you want and the storage capacity. Then you will see a “check availability” option below the estimated shipping time. Click on that, enter your zip code. You will be presented with the information on whether your iPhone X is available at any nearby Apple retail stores. Most likely it is not available because the iPhone X is already sold out in most major U.S. cities but at least it will save you a needless trip.

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