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Have you tried Workflow for iOS yet?  There are several new iOS 11 features – including a new drag and drop feature and a ton of bug fixes.  But it has also been optimized for the iPhone X. Apple acquired the Workflow app and made it free on the App Store earlier this year.  The new version of the app allows users to drag and drop files onto a workflow to run the workflow using that file.

In addition, the update supports new iOS 11 health data types including insulin delivery, waist circumference, resting heart rate, walking heart rate average and heart rate variability.  There is also support for retrieving and saving multiple files at one time.  You can also specify your default “from” address when using the send email action.  Below is a list of the bugs that Apple has fixed:

  • Fixed the Tweet and Post on Facebook actions on iOS 11
  • Fixed an issue where text items could unexpectedly be converted to image metadata dictionaries
  • Fixed an issue where granting access to Ulysses may not work
  • Fixed an issue where workflows launched from the Complication would not run on watchOS 4
  • Fixed an issue where the Text action may randomly scroll to the top while typing
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Message via WhatsApp action contact field did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Convert Image action may crash in the Today Widget or Action Extension
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Directions action may not use the correct travel mode when opening Google Maps
  • Fixed an issue where messaging the attendees of an event may include yourself
  • Fixed an issue where VoiceOver may not focus on an action after it’s added to a workflow
  • Fixed an issue where the Select Photos action did not work with VoiceOver when “Select Multiple” was turned on
  • Fixed an issue where a Workflow Input variable may not be editable after being added from the variable bar
  • Fixed a crash when inserting variables into the List and Dictionary actions
  • Fixed an issue where some files may not be selectable in the Dropbox and Box file pickers
  • Fixed an issue where a ghost workflow may appear while workflows are being reordered
  • Fixed an issue where passing a comma-separated list of email addresses into the Send Email action did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the Get Contents of URL action did not support passing a JSON body in DELETE requests
  • Fixed an issue where saving a file to Dropbox when a file already exists with the same name did not properly append a number to the filename
  • Other bug fixes and minor additions

Workflow allows you to automate everything that you do, in one convenient location on your iPhone or iPad.  Workflow allows you to complete complicated tasks, known as “workflows”.  The idea behind the app is to make you more productive. It has the ability to replace some of your existing apps on your iPhone.  You can download other people’s workflows for free.  This might be useful for you if you’re not so good with scripts.  It also allows you to do some fun things by making GIF’s out of your photos.

With this most recent update, it looks like Apple has gone the extra mile in order to make this a great product. They have fixed a lot of issues.  Which may or may not have been their fault.  But these updates show that they care about the product and want it to work for you.  You can download Workflow from the App Store.


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