Are you getting married this spring season? Attending many weddings? Wondering what to wear? Well here is a guide on what is in and trending for weddings this Spring and Summer of 2011 whether you’re the bride, groom, bridesmaid, or just a spectator!

  1. The Colors: To pull off a great looking wedding it is important to have the right color for the season. Having a dark color for a spring/summer wedding can look odd if not executed properly. Spring/Summer weddings need to look fresh and give the look of being in full bloom for  the season. The color of the wedding helps paint the picture you want for your day and this day should be absolutely perfect!

Whats in:

Navy Blue- Usually when you think of a blue such as navy, the thought may be more on the winter side but paring navy blue with a lighter shade of blue such as powder, baby, or sky blue can really be a great fresh look. Also try to add another light color that goes with blue to add an extra pop or pair it with grey for a more sophisticated feel.

Pink- Any shade of pink screams Spring. Whether it’s a light pink or a dark magnolia or magenta pink, you’re going to get a beautiful Spring season wedding. Pair pink with any shade of orange, yellow, or lime green to get a stunning look that everyone will remember.

Purple- violet is a cool and subtle look. especially for a wedding that is late in the evening. You will set a relaxing tone with a violet or even a deep royal shade pf purple. Picking 3 dramatically different shades of purple and putting them together will look brilliant. Or pair purple with a light white or ivory for a more simplistic look.

Green- A green wedding is definitely thinking outside of the box. Green pretty much can go with any color and look great. Powder blue, pink (any light shade), orange, purple, and yellow will all look amazing with a light apple green or even a  little darker if you prefer. Having green as a central color would be perfect for an outdoor wedding!

  1. The dress: Considering the bride is going to be the center of attention the dress can really make or break a wedding. The bride can not look like a hot mess! Everything from the hair to the jewelry to the shoes all has to look like it was thought out and meant to go together. Think as if its  your first ( even if it isn’t) and last wedding. How do you wanna look?

Whats in:

Strapless- Strapless will never be out of style for a wedding. Period! It creates a stylish hip look with being timeless at the same time. To jazz up the dress try adding a pattern like polka dots (not colored, just white so it blends in with the dress) or add layers cascading down the dress for a dramatic look.

Color- The tradition of having a white dress is gone with the wind. Dresses are coming in all different colors. Blush pink for a wedding dress is in thanks to Reese Witherspoon but another color to think about is gold. Ivory is classic of course.

Sleeves- If you  don’t want to go strapless then go with sleeves on your wedding dress. The capped sleeve is becoming an interesting new trend of the season. This is surely for out of the box thinkers!

The Groom: Any tux your man wears is going to look nice but to really make it pop and something different experiment with different color ties and boutonnieres for a fresh up to date look.

Wedding Party: The bridesmaids and grooms men have to look good to complement the lucky couple.

Whats in:

Patterns: Having each bridesmaid in a different style dress but made with the same fabric as everyone else is a great way to make your bridal party comfortable and elegant looking. It also ensures that they will look good as each dress with be fitting to their body type. The groomsmen can also have that same fabric as their tie to coordinate.

Length: The short dress is in over the long dress for a Spring/Summer wedding. This is a good thing to consider for style and also comfort for those hot temperatures!

Just remember that this is your day. These are just things to think about. Getting the perfect location will also help everything fall into place. Happy Planning!