Lets break this down one step at a time. Relationships are based on trust. We all can agree on that fact. Trust is based on not only what you do but also what people perceive you have have done. That is a deep concept I know. Women love to tell you and for the most part believe actions speak louder than words. Men will tell you that women hold that belief because when it comes to communication women are just as bad as men. That’s right men think women have bad communication skills as well. What they are really saying is that they have a hard time understanding what is being said to them.

That’s not to say it is completely woman’s fault we don’t understand them. Signals do get crossed sometimes but we men are to root of the problem. We often do not to decipher the intricate code of a woman’s speech.  We hear a woman say ‘yes’ and mean ‘no’, or say ‘no’ but really mean ‘yes’.  When it comes to understanding the language of women we all could use some help. This is my gift to you.

[I] I Love You
This is the most to the point as women can get. If a women says they love you. They mean it. They don’t play games with those magic three words.

[II] How Is Your Girlfriend?
Women never ever care about the other woman in your life unless it’s a family member. If a woman asking the question is your platonic, what she really means is, “When are you two breaking up?” If its your girlfriend asking this question what she really means is, “I don’t like you your female friend. I don’t want you around her anymore. Stop it so I don’t have to ask this question again.”

[III] It’s Cool
If said during a discussion or disagreement, you need to stop what you are doing and apologize. Why? When she says “It’s Cool” she is done with what whatever you have to say. She has made up her mind. She may look really calm but she is just over it. The “it” in this case is you.

[IV] Excuse Me?
What she really meant is “What the hell did you just say to me?”  This is a warning shot. She didn’t like what you said and wants an explanation why you said it. She wants this explanation at this very moment! Tread lightly my friend.

[V] Of Course I Miss You
Listen, if you have to ask this question then the answer is no. If she gives you this answer in that exact order she just didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

[VI] Never mind, Forget It
What she really means is, “What you said is on my mind now and I am not forgetting it.” You should be thinking of what you did wrong or what she thinks you did wrong. In other words review your actions and words for the past 24 hours but from her view point. Then fix it.

[VII] I Didn’t Hear My Phone or I’m going to sleep now
What she really means is that she does not want to speak with you now. She looked at your picture show up on the phone but chose not want to answer. If you know she never sleeps around the time you called her. Red Flag: Either you did something wrong and she does not feel like dealing with you now or she is doing something wrong.

[VIII] I’m Done
What she really means I’m done with you now and you are pushing it my limits. She just wants you to shape up and do your part to make the relationship work.

[IX] I don’t want a relationship right now
Most women do not like to be single. Truth be told men don’t either. So if she this statement to you, What is really meant is as follows; I’ve had too many bad experiences and the last person was just horrible. You could be their clone for all I know. I am not trying to get hurt again. Yeah all that fits into ‘I don’t want a relationship right now.’

[X] I’ll Be Ready In Few Minutes
What she really means is I’ll be at ready when I am ready. For her the concept of time has stood still.

[XI] I’m A Free Spirit
What she means is I’m promiscuous and proud of it AKA a hoe.

[XII] Who Is She?
What she really means is “I have Goggled her, checked her Facebook, looked at her résumé on LinkedIn, read her twitter post, checked out all her pictures on Instagram and know she is more than just a co-worker. Don’t you dare say you don’t know her or you’re old friends.” This is very important to remember guys. Don’t lie to her. I mean if you’re cheating this means you’re caught. Just come clean. If this is just a platonic friend you might want to introduce the two. However if this “friend” is not worth the drama in your relationship, get rid of her. Clearly your girlfriend/wife is intimidated by her.

[XIII] It’s Complicated
What she really means is, I have someone in my life that I can’t or won’t let go of. Now this does not mean she is cheating on him. It just means she has not let him go yet.

[XIV] Did you make plans or what are you planing tonight?
What she really means is “You better take me out somewhere nice.” She wants to be treated like a princess tonight. I’m not talking Red lobster. No chain restaurants please.

[XV] Fine
What she really means is “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. You are not getting it.”

[XVI] Nothing
What she means is everything is wrong and it is your fault. Fix it ASAP.

[XVII] Go ahead
What she means is “no.”. You ask “Can I go to the bar with the guys tonight since we don’t have plans?” If she says “go ahead.” Don’t do it.

[XVIII] He’s just a friend
I think Biz Markie covered this already but if you missed it, what she really means is He is your replacement should you mess up. We are just friends now but you just watch your step. *NOTE: May also be her friend with benefits. If it is a “new friend” this a red flag.

[XIX] When Are We Hanging Out?
What she really means is one of two things; “I am ready and want to sleep with you. When can you make this happen?” or “Why have you not asked me out on a date yet?”

[XX] I don’t have  a Facebook 
What she really means I am hiding something. Everyone has a Facebook. Even if they don’t use it, they have it.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. SaintelDaily.com |AppleWatch101.com | NBA101.com