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The proposed Comcast-NBCU transaction would allow Comcast to acquire an unprecedented amount of power,” Congressmen Markey wrote to the FCC.

He is right the joint venture would give Comcast the power to deny programming to its cable, satellite, or online competitors or charge inflated prices for it. The Congressmen wants arbitration to be used if the newly formed company faced arguments with third parties over its programming availability. It is not a “if” in this case. This going to happen. The independent networks, particularly those that compete against Comcast-owned channels would not have a fighting chance to compete with such a monopoly.

At any time NBC could refuse to carry them on reasonable terms.
Comcast could if it wanted to force you indirectly to get its broadband bundle by raising the price for standalone broadband service. ┬áSort of the way a vaule meal is cheaper than just a burger even though you don’t really need the fries. Comcast could also move NBC content that’s already freely available online to its TV Everywhere service, which is available exclusively to only its subscribers.

Right now Comcast will say anything to get this deal to go through. ┬áThe deal is estimated at approximately $37 billion. Since then, Comcast has been facing scrutiny from several parties over the deal. But in the end the deal will be a proved by the FCC. If you think Google TV being blocked was bad just wait till you can only watch Saturday Night Live only if you have the “Triple Play.”

By Rubens Saintel

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